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In order from top to bottom: 

These are the past two decades worth of the Cartoon Network channel’s logo. As a human child with access to cable I have extensive knowledge of the 1992 to present black and white logos. 

The first logo featuring an interchangeable character from the cartoons running on the channel is incredibly different from the rest of the geometric, black and white styled images. Which is good, because it’s kinda lame. 

Next up is the distracting chaos of the whole channel’s name rendered in black and white squares. Not too bad but while displayed on a channel already featuring eye catching images it was a little much. 

Ugh, let’s not even talk about this one. What the heck is up with that N? I mean c’mon.

And the present! So mature, clean, and in the vein of the past two decades in style. Maybe it’s a little too mature for a predominantly children’s channel but it doesn’t offer up as much of a distraction as the rest of the logos. Very successful in my opinion.